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At Espabadiel, our commitment to quality has led us to seek the best collection, production and distribution techniques for asparagus. For this reason, our human team selects from the 140 hectares of arable land in the early morning, only those asparagus that meet all our requirements for quality, maturity, color and shape.

Once the best asparagus have been selected, we proceed to pick them manually by cutting them carefully and using a totally innovative technique, sending them quickly to our facilities, which allows us to maintain the freshness provided by the weather of the nights in Guadalajara intact.

In our facilities of more than 1800 m2 we have the most advanced technology in our sector. This technology allows us to subject the asparagus to several cleaning and conservation processes for its delivery to the client with maximum freshness.

This freshness is obtained through the use of techniques such as the Hidrocooling system, eliminating any impurities that may be inherent to the earth, and its conservation in our cold storage rooms.

Then, our human team, made a precise work of selection and calibration of the bunches, paying special attention to the quality, size, weight and cut of the stem of the asparagus, resulting in balanced bundles and quality for consumption.

Finally, once bunches are ready for consumption, they are stored in the most optimal conditions to preserve their freshness in our cold storage rooms, maintaining at all times the cold chain intact, reaching the customer with the guarantee that characterizes us.


Currently, Espabadiel has facilities of 1,800 m2, annual production of 700,000 Kilos and 140 hectares of crops.

From Espabadiel, we want to continue growing while maintaining our quality, therefore, we have a hugely ambitious project, increase our production by adding 70 hectares more to our production.

Espabadiel complies with all European traceability and regulations.